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Full Service Restaurant POS

You put your heart into your restaurant; shouldn’t your POS company do the same? We think so, and that’s why Cashpoint Pro LLC is designed with passion by former restaurant people to meet the unique needs of your full service restaurant.

Running a full service restaurant is hard.

We get it. Margins are tight, competition is fierce, and service is (and will be) stressful.

Anything that empowers your servers to turn more tables, serve efficiently, and sell more high-profit items can have a huge impact on your bottom line. And the more data you have to help you make informed business decisions, the better.

Increase Sales

We loaded TouchBistro with smart features that help your staff generate more revenue for the restaurant.

Increase Your Average Check Size

Help staff increase average check size and move more profitable items with smart upsell tools like visual menus and automatic modifier prompts

Take More Orders, Faster

Servers can swipe and tap to add items and send orders to the kitchen instantly, all without leaving the floor

Drive Repeat Business

Connect with customers to drive repeat business by using accounts to track previous orders and by rewarding loyal regulars with discounts