A cloud-based POS platform with integrated restaurant tools

This modern POS platform allows you to manage your restaurant from anywhere, anytime. With the utilization of cloud storage , everyday tasks can be completed remotely: menu changes, reporting, data access, software updates, and maintenance.

The OrderSnapp platform takes the complexity out of menu management and presents your customers with a modern ordering experience. An ordering experience designed to keep them coming back with built in tools such as coupon creation, email database, gift cards, & loyalty program.



The Ordersnapp POS PLatform

Simple Menu Editing (Set Up Included)

Split Checks and Multiple Payment Options

Security Encrypted Payment Processing

Fingertip Signatures

Fast kitchen & Receipt Printing

Shift & Cashbox Management

Report Generation

Automatic Tip Suggestions

Gift Card & Loyalty Programs

Runs On IPad Technology

Delivery Driver Assignments

24 Hours Customer Service

The Integrated Tools

The OrderSnapp platform includes a unique array of additional ordering point products:
  • Website ordering
  • Mobile app
  • Self-service kiosk
  • 3 rd party order consolidation

This allows you to integrate all ordering points (in-store & online) for fast, streamlined fulfillment. Plus, edits to your restaurant menu are centralized, allowing for simultaneous updates to website, app, POS, & kiosk menus.

Expand Your Online Presence

  • Custom website with integrated online ordering
  • Custom mobile apps for Apple and Android devices
  • Receive commission-free online orders
  • Collect customer name, email, & delivery data for future marketing
  • Consolidate 3rd party orders automatically into POS
  • SEO for optimal online search results
  • Automatic menu updates

Utilize Tools that Increase Customer Traffic & Average Order Size

  • Customer loyalty program
  • Easy coupon creation
  • Gift cards
  • Customer information database
  • Email campaign tool
  • Kiosk ordering option