Key Features

TouchBistro is the easy, smart, and complete iPad POS for the restaurant industry and is loaded with features that make running your business a breeze! Here’s a list of some of TouchBistro’s key features that make it the ideal POS for your restaurant.

Front End Features

Table & Order Management

  • Name table or party group
  • Add & delete seats to/from tables
  • Move entire or partial party from one table to another
  • Delete or void menu items or an entire table
  • Auto assign waiters to tables as they open
  • Modify item quantity
  • Specify cooking instructions per item
  • Move item to another person or table
  • Discounts per item
  • Reorder function
  • Delete single item from an order
  • Custom modifiers
  • Menu item search
  • Separate & combine bills by seat

Cash Register (QSR)

  • Quick cash point of sale
  • Landscape & portrait mode
  • Customizable fast pay buttons for cash & credit card payments
  • Credit card & gift card payment integration
  • Fast buttons for cash payments
  • Quickly create takeout/delivery orders & bar tabs with one tap
  • Select from three different menu views (images, color coded, and list)

Takeout, Tabs & Delivery

  • Add/edit take-out orders
  • Automatically generate delivery route for delivery orders
  • Move take-out orders or bar tabs to tables
  • Combine bar tabs
  • Manage customer contacts


  • Add/edit reservations
  • Add contact info
  • Add notes
  • Specify date & party size

Back End Features


  • Sales Total
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Sales by Section
  • Sales by Category
  • Full Day Snapshot
  • Detailed Discount Report & Summary
  • Void Report
  • Snapshot Report
  • Waiter Sales Item Totals
  • Robust cloud reporting allowing for secure & remote access
  • All reports available through both in-app & cloud reporting


  • Detailed Accounts Report
  • Tax Report
  • Statistical Summary
  • bevIntel Report
  • Detailed Sales CSV


  • Sales Item Totals
  • Food/Alcohol Cost Report
  • Alcohol Cost Report
  • Modifier Report
  • Inventory Lists
  • Low Inventory Totals


  • Payment & Refund Totals
  • Detailed Credit Card Payment Report
  • Detailed Credit Card Refund Report


  • Hours Report
  • Detailed Shift Report
  • Credit Card Tips Report
  • Cash Tip Report
  • Waiter Tip Summary
  • Waiter Activity Reports

Menu Customization

  • Add/edit categories & menu items
  • Add/edit forced modifiers & side dishes
  • Add/edit non-food/alcohol items like branded merchandise
  • Customer menu mode- lock from sending to kitchen for customers to browse
  • Assign menu items to multiple ticket printers
  • Hide menu categories for breakfast/lunch/dinner menus
  • Hide out-of-stock menu items & keep track of daily special counts
  • Full screen images of menu items with description

Multi-Floor Plan & Layout Management

  • Add tables, chairs, bar stools & walls
  • Re-open & close tables
  • Add/edit sections
  • Assign default waiters to sections & tables
  • Layout floor plan in landscape or portrait mode

Custom Settings

  • Define custom tax rates
  • Set auto gratuity for parties greater than a certain size
  • Set auto gratuity to handle IRS tax rules
  • Set custom message at bottom of bills
  • Set auto open cash drawer on payments
  • Set manager override on voids & discounts
  • Option for smaller font size and printing red ink on impact printers
  • Manage role security & access
  • Set before/after tax tip guide

Staff Management

  • Control admin, management, server & clock-in/out access
  • Lock waiters to a section
  • Staff log in & log out
  • Staff time reports for payroll
  • Track cash & credit card tips
  • Manage a tip pool
  • In app staff messaging center