Take control of your payment remittance processes

Heartland’s MerchantView portal puts you in command of your bill payments system

The Heartland MerchantView portal is a single, secure interface for all administrative and reporting functions for your payment remittance system. A central location for reporting across all channels and all payment types, MerchantView is a quick and easy way to access up-to-the minute data and reports.

Versatile: Run transaction reports, including pay by date, pay by channel, pay by method and many more.

Configurable: Customize reports based on your specific needs. Then, export the data to send via email or secure FTP. Your employees get the exact data they need — exactly when they need it.

Convenient: Issue refunds and voids directly from MerchantView. Payments can be voided the same day or refunded to the customer if the payment has already settled to your bank account.

Flexible: Process payments through MerchantView via a virtual terminal. This helps with line overflow, system backup, or cases in which you simply prefer to avoid an installation.

Portal Features

  • Real-time transaction reports 24/7
  • All channels and payment types reported in one place
  • Void/refund payments directly from the portal
  • Schedule reports to be sent automatically via email or secure FTP
  • Highly configurable report options
  • View reports for one or more merchants based on log-in credentials
  • Role-based access controlled by each merchant
  • Highest security available